Sunday, November 1, 2015

Introduction to NZ culture

After two nights with a pretty good sleeping pattern I think I have almost completely managed the jetlag. We've been taking small walks, and I am orienting myself in terms of where I want to go when and what to do.

Certain lessons in NZ culture included. First of all, on reading the newspaper I realized that the refugee problem in Europe is not really of much concern here. Hardly mentioned at all, except for a small note on the fact that bikes are sold out in Northern Russia close to the Norwegian border and that had caused an ebb in the trickle of Syrians crossing that border on bikes after a law had been passed that made it an offense to carry someone to or across the border in a car without valid papers, upon which the refugees had taken to buying bikes. (How about a bike rental for that purpose? Bike return at the border, to rent out to the next ones after taking them back in a truck…)
What really mattered here was the Rugby World Cup final, especially since it happened to be the derby between Australia and NZ. 

Now NZ time was awkward for watching it in real – you could find tips as to how to be in the right condition for that in the paper, too, though. 

My hosts had developed a different method – they recorded the game, and watched it early in the morning before anybody had heard the result. The big question was whether that would be possible – having friends and children arrive at the house without having found out about the results first…

I was presented with a detailed introduction into Rugby rules prior to the game, and then the morning was dedicated to that activity. 

Sure was glad that I was on this side of the Tasman Sea for this event, given the outcome!

Weather is nice, we'll go for another small walk this afternoon, and probably Tuesday I will leave Wellington to see something of the East Coast.

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  1. Glad to hear you are safely there and getting acclimatised. Rugby has been big here because UK is hosting. But after England was knocked altogether and later Scotland was the only one left and they lost with a very poor ref decision, it has been more about okay, get it over with. NZ and Aus could have stayed down there and had a match without all the hoo-ha! Still Sam went to friends to watch both matches this weekend and Jim watched NZ-Aus here on his own.
    Have a wonderful time!