Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UFO for Mayan families

Inbetween finishing the last piece for the exhibition in and actually leaving for Freiburg there were a few days that seemed a bit less packed. I had already started on the next pieces in the Shapes series while I was waiting for the threads with which I had wanted to finish Shapes 10, and certainly could have continued working on that. But I also felt an urge to start preparing for a class that will begin in the end of the month. So I figured it would make sense to clear out and put away the contents of the box that had been traveling back and forth with me to the Log Cabin class I taught at the community college in Landshut last fall. That way the box would be ready to hold materials for the next class.
When teaching Log Cabin, I always sew a few blocks myself – partly for the demonstration, partly when the students are busy and I wouldn’t have anything else to do but walk around making them nervous by constantly looking over their shoulder.
Last fall’s results were part of what came out of that box. I sort of had forgotten about these blocks... When I counted them, I thought they were too many to just let them sit around somewhere waiting for another Log Cabin class. So I  made six more blocks, 

sewed them together, found a backing,

you will have to forgive the lighting -
the picture was taken late at night under my studio lights.

and sent it all off to Bonnie Bucknam for her Quilts for Mayan Families project (for which I had donated a piece already last year).
Felt good to be able to do something like that so quickly – not counting the hours which I had spent in the fall...

Bonnie in reply sent me some pictures of the quilt I sent last year, now quilted and finished:

While I was finishing the Log Cabin blocks, my son was working on another UFO, from the results of demonstrating the technique of fast half-square triangles. He has claimed that it was his turn to be the recipient of a  quilt, and (to keep him occupied) I had enlisted his help: arrange them the way you want them, so we can figure out how many more we need. A few weeks ago he had started with the first attempt, 

but now he has changed his mind and wants a “barn raising” arrangement. 

working on arranging the first quarter
It will be a little while before it is completely finished. But it's on its way.

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