Wednesday, January 15, 2014

High Noon - getting into the rhythm!

1 - Happy New Year wishes

2 - Waiting for our train to depart

3 - no picture taken (forgot to set the alarm on my cell phone, and we were out in the woods where no church bells had a chance of reminding me)

4 - museum facilities utensil

5 - on the train back home

6 - in the kitchen

7- mirrored view from my studio

8 - shadow in our garden

9 - in the saw mill yard

10 - another mirrored view from my studio

11- as the churchs bells start ringing...

12 - no picture taken. I was visiting with an Afghan refugee family for the first time who lives five people to a very small room, they were serving me tea and we were trying to communicate without a common language. I just didn't dare whip out the camera in that situation.

13 - during my first Spanish lesson together with two friends
(I wanted to include their picture, but it was blurred -
there will be more chances!)

14 - wedding feast for pigeons in front of our town hall

15 - they have the best bread in town
(on the shelf in the upper right hand corner)

What a fun project! All I have to do is make sure I won't be taking mirrored views from my studio window for the rest of the year... and set the alarm.


  1. I think this is going to be a great project!

    what is the delicious orange stuff in the pot on January 6? apricots? I want some

  2. These are simply egg yolks, separated from the whites for - I think I was making muffins for my son...