Thursday, January 9, 2014

Colour of the Day: the final selection

When looking at my list of blog posts I just realized that this one, which should have appeared on December 31 somehow never got moved from 'scheduled' to 'publish'. So, a little belated, the conclusion of Colour of the Day. (Forgive that you have already seen the announcement of High Noon mentioned secretively at the end.)

The first weeks in December just dragged on as had been the case in November - dull, grey, and absolutely not a whole lot of colour around. So basically I continued as during the month before - taking pictures of colour whenever there was a chance, not really abiding by my schedule. Here is the final selection of pictures in this project.

Red: December 26
Orange: December 31
Yellow: December 6
Green: December 17

Blue: December 22
Purple: December 27

This is the end of two years of Daily Art with a focus on colour. It is amazing where you can discover colour when you start looking out for it. Never had I imagined how this project would change my way of seeing!
I certainly will continue to be looking out for colours when taking photos. But next year's Daily Art project is going to have a slightly different focus. To be announced in a couple of days!

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