Saturday, December 7, 2013

Small business Saturday

For quite a while already have I been following Margaret Cooter’s blog by e-mail notification. Her frequency of posts is intimidating for anybody who is a blogger, because one starts to wonder where she finds the time to write so many posts, and produce her books, sewing kits, drawings, take photos , and read (and share) poetry (and information on the respective poets) as well...
And inbetween she is always good for wonderful and interesting bits and pieces of information. Such as this most delicious recipe for lemon squares which I had printed out in March right away and finally have tried recently and found to be of a highly disappearing nature. If they hadn't disappeared so quickly, I might even have been able to take a picture.
Recently she wrote about the “Small business Saturday” - that is today - in England.

The rules for eligibility (as shamelessly copied from Margaret’s blog) read as follows:

We founded the Campaign to promote and support small businesses; accordingly, you should only download and use the Marketing Materials if you fall within these criteria:
 Your turnover (for all outlets and other business locations within the UK) for the 2012 calendar year must have been ten million pounds (£10,000,000) or less·
 You must not be:·
o involved as a principal course of business in the manufacture, promotion or sale of pornography, sexual aids, firearms or other weapons
o involved with the promotion or advocacy of any sensitive or controversial topic, or otherwise participate in activities that we determine to be inconsistent with our values.

So here I am – my turnover in 2012 was far below ten million pounds, even if converted into Euros, I am not involved in the manufacture, promotion or sale of pornography or weapons (although I suspect you could use a quilt to suffocate somebody if you tried really hard – but I would plead for ‘misuse of object’ in court in a situation like that), and I try to stay away from controversial topics on the blog (although I sometimes do feel a growing urge to start saying something about politics and humans treat each other and the planet). And in German tax rules I am even registered as a ‘small business’.
I even have several ideas how you could support me. You could either
  • buy a quilt (here is the gallery, more pictures on  request) – or
  • buy some fabric (by the yard here) – or
  • hire me as a workshop instructor – or
  • offer me a chance to exhibit my quilts.
  • Or subscribe to my fabric club – for which there is a special offer up, starting today, Saturday 7th, and valid until the Saturday after next, i.e. 21st, 2013.

This is the offer:
Sign a subscription for my fabric club (conditions for subscription in English can be found here and a printout of the order form is possible here, and after the completion of the first year you will receive the January-2015-shipment either
  • for free (if you sign up for Fat Quarters), or
  • at half price (if you sign up for half metres or metres),
regardless whether you decide to discontinue the subscription or to keep going.

Are you ready? 
Support this small business, and give yourself a little Christmas treat that will last more than a whole year!

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  1. I hope the Small Business Saturday promotion has worked for you! And thank you for your kind words about my blog; I do love writing it, so it's a happy bonus to know that people like to read it … we are joined in a virtual community.