Saturday, December 14, 2013

Found Art

Finally, after weeks in grey, we had two hours of sunshine. As I had been watching the sun's battle against the fog this morning, hoping for success, I was all prepared, and raced outside once it had happened.
Found this wonderful tank.

And it yielded quite a harvest for 'found art'. (Of course, the owner came while I was taking pictures, and looked at me slightly sceptical when he first saw me, but he softenend up when I told him I was looking for art.) Here is a small selection of what I found.

After two hours, the fog won over, and by now it is raining. That's better than fog.


  1. The textures and patterns are just stunning.

  2. Wonderful marks of nature, marks of time!

  3. Was für eine Fülle an Farben, Stukturen und Texturen.
    Mark making - der Nebel hat doch was Gutes. ;-)