Monday, December 23, 2013

On meeting size restrictions and deadlines...

In the summer I became part of an international quilt group with members from five different countries. (We are planning to go public when we have a little bit more to show as a group, right now we are still sort of working undercover.) Assignments for quilts are passed out by the members according to a rota, and the second assignment called for a scale of greys, with a little bit of color.
That immediately gave me an idea for a quilt that would well fit into the “Inspiration Bauhaus” exhibition that I am working on and which will be on display at Fagus Works in October. I have shown a first glimpse of it here.

Sketch/plan for Shapes 10 according to a strict
and perfectly orderly system

Here are a few stages of development of the quilt:

7 shades of grey, numbered (at top) to keep them distinct for the maker...

adding red circles, the 'little bit of color'

adding grey circles according to plan above

the plan kept having to be altered to avoid too many repetitions,
and in the end I did not really  understand my own system
anymore, or if there was any system left at all...

adding the second set of (interior) circles

red rounds around half of the squares

reflector fabric and black-and-white-striped fabrics
for the rounds around the other half of the squares,
and a further round of the original shade of grey

all sewn together

a helper in the sandwiching - well qualified as a supporting quilter!

Now it is in the process of being quilted. I even hope to be able to show it in my exhibition in Freiburg in January already.

However, I had not met the size-restrictions that Ita had given us, and this quilt does not qualify for the assignment which is due by the end of the month. I have a number of left-overs from making this one, however, and ideas, and will be able to make a quilt 40 x 80 cm large. 

Although it probably won’t be exactly on time...

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