Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still dyeing after all these weeks

We still have snow. Which makes for wonderful sights.

Somebody treading on water???

Frozen up mill wheel in Würzburg last week

View from my studio two days ago

View through our windshield when we
were returning from a visit to the library
However, people around me are beginning to get impatient. In November everybody (including me) likes to complain that it hasn’t really started snowing yet, and when will winter ever start, this is so unnatural, white Christmas not in sight... By early February, if we had snow at all (we did this year!), lots of people start complaining that it is still cold and why hasn’t spring come, they are craving for colors. In this one, I am not included. I seem to be the only one who says I’d rather have snow than cold rain.
I am still happily dyeing with snow. A little bit every day, it has come to be a routine almost. The results are piling up, and on Tuesday my friend who usually helps me fold the large pieces will come, and we will have a ‘rolling session’, as we call them.

Today I am running an experiment.

I have a small container with dye powder labelled “Maroon”, which I used in one of these two boxes. The other is a mixture of Scarlett and Black – hm, new black? cotton black? can’t remember which – and I am curious to see whether it will be possible to tell a difference in the outcome. Most likely there will be some way to notice. It will just be interesting to see whether I can then distinguish which of the finished pieces was dyed with which of the color mixtures. Because, of course, I have not kept track which dye solution went onto which box...

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