Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surprise in the mail

Last week, just as I was getting ready to order a copy of the latest publications by SAQA, I received a package. The contents were a pleasant surprise: a copy each of Portfolio 19, and of Seasonal Palette.

Cover of Portfolio 19

Cover of Seasonal Palette

Together with a sheet of paper thanking me for my hard work and continued support of SAQA. What a nice way to say thank you!
I had an interesting evening. It began with looking at the single images by the Professional Artist Members of SAQA. With some names I thought “see there, she is PAM, too”. With many others I would have sort of expected to find her in the book.

My favorite quilt depicted in Portfolio was Virginia AbramsReflections 10: Sailboat Docking

Her webpage has a nice gallery with water-inspired quilts which you can see here .

Then Seasonal Palette, with its wide tour through global impressions of the colors of the seasons. Interesting that the book imitates the format of the quilts in its shape, I really like that idea. I would have liked to see much more of the material of the process of the making that the artists supplied for the exhibition. As it is, that part is too small in the catalogue for my taste, especially for people who do not get to see the exhibition for real. But I am happy to have the books and that I thus get see the pieces.
My favorite in the Seasonal Palette?
Can’t decide between Jenny Hearn’s “Reflections of Summer” (from South Africa!) and Kathleen Loomis’ “Big Ice” (from Antarctica).

Jenny Hearn, "Reflections of Summer" in
SAQA's Seasonal Palette

Kathy Loomis' "Big Ice" in
SAQA's Seasonal Palette

Which doesn't necessarily say anything about my favorite time of the year...

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