Monday, November 19, 2012


A little more than a week ago I was featured in a full front-page article appeared in our local paper. The interview had taken place a couple of weeks earlier, and I was really pleased with how the reporter presented the quilt scene, the art-handicraft problem and the international outlook that I have taken during the past couple of years.

The article hasn’t really resulted in a whole lot of responses – about five or six people have talked to me about it, they are not a talkative race here. But I felt really good when I read it. Great boost to get back into a real working mood. 
And it is working already: Yesterday I got a special kind of commission. A minister has ordered four stoles which he wants to wear with his cassock. That is going to be an interesting and challenging kind of work!

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  1. congratulations! looks like a nice long article with great photos