Friday, November 23, 2012

Featured, part II

After being in the newspaper with my quilting, I have now also been featured on the blog Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck, this time with my Daily Art Projects.

I had submitted my projects to the blog on Kathleen Loomis' suggestion and soon got a positive reply from Noah. Then Sandy hit, and perhaps that's why the blog wasn't updated for almost three weeks during which I kept returning to the blog only to see this wonderful elephant by Sheila Singhal.

 but now it is back  in the swing. Check it out - it is a wonderful pool of ideas. I have been following it backwards since Kathy brought it to my attention.
As the year is nearing its end I had been wondering wether I would take up another daily art project immediately after finishing the current "Colour of the month", or whether I would take a break. Now I feel very inspired to keep doing another one and already have two ideas and have to decide - either on one of them, or to do both. We'll see.

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