Saturday, June 9, 2018


At the beginning of the week I spied on Instagram the hastag for the FoQ-Warmup-Challenge. Immediately I wanted to participate, but it took me a few days to get going. Only on the fifth day did I join in, and posted all of the prompts at once. That is probably not the proper way to do it, but #betterlatethannever, I thought.
In any case I wanted to present my selection here as well.


Log Cabin, one of my alltime favorite patterns, although it has
been a while since I made one... This one is still in use and I
still like it, but it is worn a bit, some fading has occurred
and it may not be a masterpiece. However, I like it just as
you can only like your first quilt.


There are always many works in progress, so this one was hard to choose. I decided on the A Scrap a Day Project, ongoing, with progress in leaps and bounds...


A part thereof ... no further comment necessary, I think.


This one wasn't hard at all in terms of deciding. But hard in that I don't have a picture of this quilt except for a photo from the flyer of the museum where I saw this quilt in 2006. I don't think any other quilt has moved me as deeply as this one (although one by Roberty LePoidevin came pretty close!). This is a quilt that was made by former slaves just after the American Civil War, and I was lucky to see it in an exhibition in the Raleigh Museum.


Is another work in progress, that I have posted about before and that is nearing completion, although there is still some work that needs to be done: my UDHR-quilt that I was working on during the textile art symposium in May.

Although I did not play by the rules and only posted my pictures on the last day, I do like challenges like this. It's fun to pick out pieces like and present them for others to see.

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