Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Scrap a Day - Progress Report

During the Textile Art Symposium I fell a bit behind again with my Daily Art Project because the whole week was so completely exhausting that it was simply impossible to sit down and stitch a bit in the evening. But I had the brilliant idea to at least choose a scrap every day and pin it to the foundation fabric. Brilliant in that respect that the pressure kept mounting, and now that I have been trying to catch up I keep spilling the pins all over the place and am not quite certain that I manage to find them all again. So I might not be making friends when people step into them sometime in the future… 

But I have returned to the routine during our holiday. I am catching up, in fact, I think I am actually up to date. And I have also resorted to a relatively thorough procedure in working myself through the book of embroidery stitches that I have at hand. Instead of opening it up at random whenever I think I should try a different stitch, I have begun in the back and am mentally ticking off the various stitches after I have tried them. Some I don’t bother with if I think they are not suitable to the project, but some I am determined to master better. For example the bullion stitch. I had done that one before, but it had completely dropped from my memory. Now I am trying to figure out for me decent routine to be certain that it will actually look nice.

With some I realize that I don’t like them. As with this one, ‘Braided Stitch’. Then I take a different turn and do one which I know well and like.

Some I unwillingly change - as with this zig-zag stitch, 

in which I forgot the second downward bar on the return. Might have to come back to this one and try the ‘correct’ version at a later point.

 For this one I should have used a thicker thread.

Some I make up myself.

Some are done quick and easy.

This is a view of the piece of linen I am currently working on.

I am learning a lot with this project!

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  1. It's looking wonderful and rich. I use safety pins and tacking to attach scraps on my 'train stitching' pieces