Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Finishing up and starting new

While on the island I had brought lots of stuff to keep myself busy.
Of course we went for walks and watched seals and birds. Besides the photos that I have already posted, I could present many more. So one each for birds and seals only.

While being on the island I saw so many people carrying enormously large
camera lenses - bird watchers of a dedicated kind - that I was astonished. I
well understand passion for an activity, and I would always agree that having the
absolutely best gear and machinery is essential. But in a way ...

... I was glad that photography is not my main concern, that my zoom lens on my
little camera is strong enough for my reduced photographic needs and that I
am happy to watch and photograph birds or other animals on a more amateurish
level, so I don't have to carry a camera of that kind of dimension!

We collected tons of sea glass. The weight of which in total we only realized when we were packing our bags...

This is only a fraction of what we found!

But you can't do that all day, and when an island is only ca. 3 km on its outskirts you appreciate to have something else to do besides walking.
Never once touched the vocabulary cards for Spanish. But did some spinning, more knitting, and a bit of hand stitching.
During the week I finished one pair of socks that had been started before my departure, and the jacket from handspun yarn that I had started to knit in March. I had brought my spinning wheel, did some spinning on a new project, and also spun a few fibers from the sheep that are about on the island, which we had collected from the fences.

And on the train ride back home I managed to finish another vest I had been knitting for much longer, also from handspun yarn, and yet another pair of socks.

At the same time I started stitching on a scrappy project of Paper Piecing, continued on the A Scrap a Day. It was a time of finishing up, and getting oriented towards something new. A bit like in real life, because in the fall quite a few things are going to change for me, and for my family. And probably for my art, but of course I do hope that that won't disappear entirely despite the fact that my time allowance will be much more limited then.

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