Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thread Spool Device, II

As promised yesterday, here are photos of my newest achievement.
This is the basic construction, with all the metal holders put into place, On the spur of the moment I decided to go for an alternating arrangement of the holders instead of the strictly regular arrangement which I had been calculating with when ordering the holders in the hardware store. Now I have a couple left over, but as there is room for extension to the right and the left side, I am certain there will be a time when the left-over holders will also be put to use.

Right now I don't need all places because there are not quite that many spools to put up yet. But as I am planning to extend my collection to be able to offer longarm quilting with a third kind of thread as opposed to the two kinds I have right now I am sure that these holders will not remain empty very long.

Here is another pretty perspective: face on into thread spools!

I finished the binding of my first pantograph-patterned quilt, too. It is a sampler of star blocks I had been using to teach a local workshop and just never put together and finished. Now that the longarm made things so much easier, it will finally find its purpose as a donated prize for a lottery for a local organization that supports families with Down-syndrome children.

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  1. Love your sampler...a very Van Gogh sunflower feel about it.