Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer vacation

Last Friday my son graduated from primary school. It felt as if it had been only two or three weeks ago at the most that we took him there for the first time, and now he is a keen and striving ten-year-old, ready to head on to secondary school. He had been counting down the days since April! But to be honest – he believes he already knows everything there is to know and thinks having to go to school for another eight years is rather a waste of time... there may be interesting times ahead of us in this respect.
So now we’re on vacation. I am not going to Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year, and although we are not going away as a family either, we are taking it very easy. I have taken several naps in my hammock. I’ve been reading in the hammock, too.
We have been sailing once, but as it was simply too hot today it may be a couple of days before we get back to the boat.

Some reflections, of course. The lake is always good for that!

I did some spinning on my still relatively new spinning wheel. I have been knitting a pair of socks, on the occasion of which my husband took this wonderfully flattering photo of me:

Which I’ve used to do a bit more exercises of things I learned in the Pixeladies’ onlineclass.

I try to tell myself that in these versions the frown is not quite as visible, but I am not sure that I have managed to convince myself...

My son and I are getting ready to change the yarn-bombed bike’s appearance as it had faded considerably. 

Right now we have taken down last year’s adornment and are waiting for the materials which we want to use for the new installation. We will be getting that from the car dealer across the street, stay tuned for a report sometime next week!

I am also taking a vacation from the refugees. I told them I would not be available for these two weeks except in the real emergency of a letter of deportation, and so far I have been pretty good about it. Not entirely perfect, a few interferences happened today. But I am telling myself that this must be a real break, and that going back to it after our vacation must be in a different mode. I was just not getting anything done of my real-life-issues anymore, and that’s not how it should be. So these two weeks of abstinence must be a serious preparation. Tomorrow I may go back to the longarm. 


  1. Hi Uta,
    Catching up. It is not a frown, it is a look of concentration on what you are doing!
    I hope your holiday has remained what you needed.

    1. Thanks Sandy - you make me feel better about it. Just wish I would be concentrating in a more endearing way, after all, I was enjoying what I was doing, but you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at that face ;-))