Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer attack

My son’s summer vacation cabin fever attack this year was slightly more severe than usual, and definitely more severe than we were counting on.
It has presented us with a fish pond (though, luckily, a small one) in our back yard. That kept him occupied for a few days, including catastrophes such as a leading plastic foil and a re-construction by buying a sturdy tank. Tomorrow he is going to camp for 10 days and we will have to take care of the fish.

First version - with a plastic foil
Second version, with a tub, still waiting for completion

This keeps parents on their toes, and quilting is unfortunately more on the backburner than in the focus of attention. But I managed to progress my quilt for SAQA’s diaspora exhibition beyond the nibbling-stage, after which the final machine-able seams didn’t take very long.

Then I re-planned, or better: redesigned the text I will stitch on, and just now have returned from the printer where I had it printed to size. So this afternoon will probably – hopefully be spent tracing the letters onto avalon so I will be able to transfer the outlines onto the top.

And I received a very special Syrian Thank-you-'note'. One of the refugees is an upholsterer, and has repaired a chair of mine, which had a rip in the seating.

taking off the old piece...

Now it matches my great-great-grandfather's wing chair, because we could use a piece of leftover fabric from when the old chair was redone ten years ago. 

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