Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Learning to listen to that gut feeling.

I have repeatedly noticed that I have a strong gut feeling about things in my life, but it has taken me a very long time to really listen to that feeling and give it time to tell me what it wants to say. This feeling can be a strange reaction towards a person I am meeting for the first time. Or a feeling that something is not right as it should be. And as I said - it has not been my strong side to listen to it. But I am learning!
For example two weeks ago, on the second day of the month I thought I better check on my fabric shipment for this month's fabric club. So I sent an inquiring message, and true enough - I got a surprise message back that they did not 'have anything in their system' about me having ordered anything. Great! The fact that I remember full well that I wrote them a message indicating exactly how many bolts I wanted sent every other month doesn't help in that situation. They immediately sent the last two remaining bolts on stock, and I could get started at least, as I had two and a half bolts still sitting in the basement. And they promised that a new shipment would be coming in this week, Tuesday or Wednesday and that they would send my bolts out right away. I haven't heard from them yet and am getting just a little bit worried...
I am going to a fair on the 22nd and had wanted to be done with the dyeing before that, so I could have the brand-new selection there with me at the stand. Even if they send tomorrow, it will be a tight fit. Let's hope for the best!

Meanwhile I have been turned down from the Australian Quilt Challenge, so don't need to attach a velcro strip to the tunnel any more. Trying to look at it from the bright side, although I was a bit disappointed at first. And I am working on the very last of the smaller quilts for the International Threads exhibition in Prague. Just a few more weeks before we go, but I am pretty positive I will get it finished:

Ironing orange scraps

I bought these silk ribbons several years ago at an end-of-store sale,
and now they are coming in handy. Never let anything go to waste!

Putting some of the techniques to use which I learned
at Jan + Jean's workshop last year
(I'm signed up for another one with them next year! Can't wait!)

It won't be a quilt proper, i.e. not three-layers-stitched-together. But that's just as well, a piece of textile art.


  1. I guess it is always highly recommended to listen to your gut feelings ... Good you checked on those bolts !!!

  2. I do hope that the fabric arrives on time. Thank goodness you decided to listen in time. Lovely vibrant colours for the Prague quilt.

  3. Well, I am still waiting - and although I still hope to be able to send out the fabric club shipments on time, my original plan, to take some packages of the new collection to next week's patchwork fair, where I will be a vendor, is probably not going to come true. Unless the fabric arrives tomorrow and I work myself to death dyeing this week!