Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finished the last piece for Prague Patchwork Meeting

On Thursday next week I will be heading to Prague with a whole stack of quilts from my group "International Threads". We have been working to assignments given by the members of the group in turn for about one and a half years.
We will be having our first appearance as a group, and I finally finished my last piece for the show.

This is a view of the stack of quilts I will be carrying:

My last piece, which I have already given a sneak view of here is now finished. It was made to fulfill the assignment 'proof of sketch', which is a difficult one for me, as I believe my sketching activities are not intensive or elaborate. Well, it turns out they are more elaborate than I have cared to admit to myself, and they have increased with the assignments in my abstraction workshop with Lisa Call. So I was finally able to sit down and do this one.
Here is the sketch:

It is a line tracing of a photo of water swirls I once saw in a book on water. I used solufix and avalon film, arranged a lot of scraps, stitched them all together, and then dissolved the solubles:

This is the finished piece:

Strictly speaking it is not a quilt, as it has only two layers, and they are not even stitched together except for at the top/sleeve. But there is no rule in the group that it has be quilted, so I think I am safe.