Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beyond my comfort zone

Today is the third full day in the workshop “Fragile Networks” that I am taking with JanBeaney and Jean Littlejohn.
We are staying at the Music Academy in Staufen, south of Freiburg, where I once spent a weekend rehearsing with my orchestra, many many years ago. The view is fantastic.

Yesterday's sunset over the ruin of Staufen castle

The heat was incredible the first two and a half days, but it has cooled off now.
After a rather troubled start – I missed my train connection in Karlsruhe, had to take a slower, regional train which took an hour longer, and on the last part of the journey I swear they had the heater on, there was not a cool whiff coming out of the airconditioning, and then two hours into the workshop my sewing maching went up in smoke – I am having a good time.
Apart from worrying whether my machine will be fixable or not.
We are working way beyond my comfort zone.

Hopefully not the last picture ever taken of my darning foot,
taken before smoke started appearing from the motor...

Working on a loan machine now

Inspiration, taken on this morning's walk into the adjoining woods...

... and a certain stage in an attempt at
turning it into a fragile fabric.

I’m learning a lot, I absolutely love the Doubletroubles’ way of teaching, 

and am curious to see how these various techniques we are doing will eventually influence my work.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your machine, what a good thing that you could borrow one. Lovely work on the samples and I'm very envious of you in this class.