Friday, May 2, 2014

A severe case of procrastination...

was ended today. On Monday I had finished the quilt I want to enter in the Wide Horizons IV, and already that one had been put off repeatedly. It could have been finished earlier... I then quickly put a finish around a small cut-off which serves perfectly as a contribution for an exhibition in celebration of 20 years of 'quiltstar' in Freiburg, under the title "19 + 1" (of the twenty years of the shop, 19 were under the ownership of Monika Schiwy-Jessen, and during the last year it has been under the ownership of Sophie Maechler). I won't show it in total here yet, as the show is on in the fall, but it has 19 mother of pearl buttons on it:

auditioning buttons - in the end I took one size smaller
After I finished zigzagging around this little feller, the lower tension was completely gone, and no extended cleaning attempts from my side could get it back. A trip to the dealer - which meant two days withouth the machine when I had really wanted to get started on stitching my entry for the Carrefour. I felt completely amputated, did a little bit of dyeing and started yet another attempt at cleaning up that work table in my studio, forever cluttered.
Finally, knowing that I won't get much work done over the weekend because of family festivities, this morning I sat down and started stitching:

Of course once I'm at it I don't understand why I kept putting it off. The first three lines are finished - out of approx. 16 or 17. Still a little bit to go, but at least I'm on my way.
At the same time I would have liked to be in at least three different places - the German Guild's Annual Meeting in Einbeck, including the opening of Tradition bis Moderne, in which I have a quilt for the first time, at the OEQC in Veldhoven, Netherlands, and in Washington D.C. for the SAQA Conference, neither of which I have ever been to. Just as well that we are celebrating various family birthdays and I didn't have to make up my mind which of the three I would have preferred over the other two!

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