Saturday, November 2, 2013

Little escap(ad)e: Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (GER)

Once again I had a chance to visit the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, just across the border from Basel, Switzerland. My family and I are vacationing here for a few days, and the current exhibition – Lightopia – is on my life theme. Couldn’t miss that!
We’ve been having beautiful weather with lots of light and sunshine, as a kind of preliminary to the exhibition, and Wednesday afternoon I took the chance while my son and husband went for a bit of soccer practice. 

I did not remember seeing this lamp outside the museum on my last visit, but it certainly fits the topic of the exhibition.

The exhibit includes a lot of information about the cultural importance of light for humankind, and especially the western world. This is illustrated by the number of different kinds of light bulbs shown in one of the cases:
And in the full-wall-sized composite photo of the world at night, clearly indicating the different degrees of distribution of light across the countries. It looked very much like this photo, which, however, was taken from here.

Access to sources of light at night certainly is an indicator of participation in economic wealth!  
A display of numerous types of lamps through the 150 years of history of electric light, 

and the changeover from the light bulb to LEDs gives a historic overview.
This is enriched by several interesting pieces of light art.

Christian Haag, Ropes

Chris Frazer, Slant

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromosaturation

The exhibition is on display until January – it is definitely worth a visit! They have several events and workshops scheduled, too.

How I would love to go to the workshop on Redesign – objects made from recycling. What a pity that we live so far away. 

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