Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little escap(ad)e: Kunstmuseum Basel (CH)

As already mentioned, in the end of October my family and I spent a week in the southeast of Germany, just across the river Rhine from Basel. Of course, we visited Basel, too, and as the Fall fair was still on, my son and I took a ride in the ferry wheel, which gave us a splendid view over Basel.

And on our last day, I took the chance and went to see the Kunstmuseum in Basel

I had been there before, about thirty years ago, when my 12th grade High School class took an outing to Basel. But this was a special treat. I went to see the special exhibit “Piet Mondrian, Barnett Newman, Dan Flavin” – and as I could not purchase a ticket for only the special exhibit, I got the treat of the entire museum with it.

Of course, photography was not allowed inside the museum, so all I can show are these pictures of Dan Flavin’s installation outside, in the interior courtyard, and Rodin’s famous sculpture “Citizen’s of Calais”.

Dan Flavin, reflected...

... and partially.
The installation covers all four corners
of the interior courtyard, so it can't be fitted onto one picture.

Auguste Rodin, Citizens of Calais
The special exhibit  lines up the three grand names in chronological order and points out the influences that the younger artists took from each of the preceding one(s).
Piet Mondrian being the oldest of the three goes first, images can be found here, then follows Barnett Newman, (images can be found here and the link to the Barnett Newman Foundation is here), and the last of the three is Dan Flavin, with lots of pictures here
Although the special exhibit was large in its entirety, I would have liked to see more works from each of the artists. Especially Newman, and I can never get enough of Flavin, either... but be happy for what you get. It’s very interesting to group these three together, though.  
And I quite enjoyed seeing the other parts of this immesely huge museum – though I would have preferred it if Agnes Martin had had a wall by herself, and not right next to a work by Cy Twombly...
The special exhibit is on until January 19, and the rest is there all the time!

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