Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stones and creativity

I am not a particularly spiritual person, and I don’t believe in esoterics. And I am not superstitious.
But I like stones, and sometimes collect them. For purely aesthetic reasons.
Either as books.

Or as cats.

Or as simple pebbles that have a white line in them.

Or as stones that I plan to use for shibori – have actually started to use them: I have done a lot of tieing in. What is missing is the dye-bath part of it all.
Or as a little totally haphazardous collection of semi-precious stones that is slowly accumulating on my window-sill.

A couple of weeks ago I ended up in a shop for pretty stones while I was waiting for a train. And I bought this Labradorit, of which the shop owner says it boosts creativity:

I have been wearing it in my trouser pockets since, and I must say it does seem to work. I have been having an almost constant flow of ideas of what kinds of quilt designs would fit for this exhibition or that challenge.

All I lack is the time to actually produce them. Although I have been working diligently. “Light Sculpture”, which is now going by a different name that will not be mentioned here just yet, is completely finished. It needed a few more corrections, and a bit of pulling in the diagonal to get it to hang properly. But right now it is up in our entrance hallway, the place where I usually audition newly finished quilts, and I really like the impression you get when coming in through the door. Soon to be sent out into the world, released into the rounds of vicious judging.
And I started work on Shapes 10 for Fagus Works.

This is based on the sketch I showed the other day which was rather incomprehensible. But it's only the beginning.


  1. Toller Beginn Deines Quilts! Ich war in Karlsruhe fasziniert von Deiner Art, Kreise zu nähen und wollte das schon immer mal in einem Quilt ausprobieren; leider bin ich bisher nicht dazu gekommen. Ich verfolge Deine Arbeit!

  2. Noch ein Tipp für Dich:
    Richard Long: In Kreisen gehen...

    LG Luitgard