Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fillin' up on sunshine

It’s obvious. Clearly visible everywhere:

Summer is over, fall not only coming but definitely at it’s high peak. And although I can see the beauty of this (given some sunshine to illuminate my perception!), I have to admit I am absolutely not ready for this.
A few weeks ago I took the chance of a particularly warm day and had my last lunch on the terrace for the year.

But today I decided I had to make the best of the sunshine there was, and instead of staying inside my studio I took my quilt and hand-sewed the binding on the terrace as well.

And when the binding was done, instead of going back inside, I took my knitting, trying to catch as much of the sunshine as possible.

My son has graciously permitted me to knit him a pair of socks.
(So far he has been refusing to wear anything that's knitted.)

But now it’s clouding up again, so that little enjoyment is over.
But it’s been a good day to end a good week – lots of work, and got some things done, too. Most of the studio time was spent orking on “Light Sculpture”. 

Sinking threads...

... and avoiding to have to sink them.

Which is not called Light Sculpture anymore, my husband vetoed that title. He also changed the quilt’s orientation, it’s now in a vertical orientation rather than the horizontal orientation originally planned. And he also vetoed my thought of adding buttons made of mother of pearl, which would have caught the light in a different manner than what I am using right now. Instead, he introduced washers as a possible addition, after a bit of consideration, however, we decided against it and for simplicity of design.

I hope to finish the binding perhaps today, if not tomorrow. And then I am all set for entering this quilt to the German Guild’s challenge, together with Play of Lines XXXII. Let’s see whether one of these two makes the cut – and if so, whether it will be the one which makes the maker recognizable, or the one that doesn’t.

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  1. I'm glad you've been able to make the most of the remaining sunshine. Your new piece looks interesting and very different to your recent pieces. Good luck with the exhibition.