Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Entering at FoQ

Life was a zoo after I returned from England, with catching up, getting ready to teach in Karlsruhe for three days, three different classes... After that followed what normally is our family celebration week – my son’s birthday two days before my own, and our wedding anniversary. Though if we had known our son would chose this particular date we probably would have picked a different date for the wedding. Usually it is a tight week by itself. This year we also had to attend a good friend’s fiftieth birthday party on May 1st, my father-in-law was ailing and then passed away – and over all this I missed the deadline for entering a quilt for the Quilt Masters section of FoQ. Which I realized about a week later, when we returned from the funeral.
At first I thought that then I would probably not enter at all. I had not had an inspiration to participate in the “Horizon” challenge to begin with, and was slightly put off by the amount of return postage that you had to pay. Of course, I learned that British postal fares are at a frightening level when I was there in April and wanted to send some things home in order to relieve my overweight suitcase...
But just a few days ago I made up my mind and decided that I would enter after all. Two quilts can be sent back in one parcel, an offer which I took advantage of. Now, of course, we are on holidays, I don’t have a printer with me, so all I could do was work with the downloaded document of the entry form. I managed to transform it to a word-file because I could not write on the Adobe Reader file. I deleted the sections with all the important information, set in bold  everything that was vital information about my quilts and me, and sent them off by e-mail yesterday evening. I also offered to fax a completed form right after we return home on Sunday night – which, however, would be too late if the information I sent would not be acceptable. Luckily, Sara answered quickly, during this morning already, and in the affirmative. The information supplied is sufficient, I don’t have to send in more.
So although I myself can’t make it to Birmingham this year – unfortunately! I would so much love to go! – at least two of my quilts are going to be there.
Play of Lines XXXI will be there with the contemporary quilts. Here is a detail.

Play of Lines, detail
hand- and snow-dyed fabric, 120 x 164 cm
And Euro Blues will be part of the quilt creations section. Here is a detail, which I have shown on the blog before.
Euro Blues, detail
blue scraps, fused, double sided and 3 D, 60 x 184 cm

And I do have an eye on the deadline for entry for Quilt Nihon. And I had an idea for “Distortions” in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines right before we left. So I have to whip that one out right after we get home. Which will be a very tight fit – I am leaving for the textile art Berlin four days after we return, after which I will have only a few days left before the extended deadline... But at least the creative slump seems to have passed. 

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