Thursday, March 7, 2013

SAQA benefit auction donation

One of the things that I did get done last week during the little studio time I hadwas that I finished my piece for the SAQA benefit auction. Quite a bit earlier this year than last time, as I am aiming to make the ‘early bird deadline’. I have already filled in and submitted the donation form and plan to send the little quilt off today.
The SAQA benefit auction is a fund-raiser for the organization, and I have participated three times before already, so this is number four. (If I remember correctly...) All of these have been very different.

Play of Lines XXI, donation in 2010

Liberté?, donation in 2011

June, donation in 2012

Dreams of fields, donation for 2013

Perhaps it would be an idea to start a SAQA benefit auction series? I like the small format of 12 by 12 inches. It is so different to work in such a limited space, compared to the rather large pieces that I have been doing mostly. And although I have been using these small pieces as field for experimetation in the past years, they are much more than mere playful activities trying out something new. The small size is growing on me – that sounds a bit weird, but I can’t think of a different way of saying it right now. I think ‘growing smaller’ is certainly one aim of what I will be doing when I am finished with the things I am working on just now.

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