Monday, September 17, 2012

Ste. Marie-aux-Mines - report no. 1

After all these weeks of preparations and the diverse moments of panic inbetween the actual departure for Ste. Marie-aux-Mines last Wednesday was surprisingly uneventful. The car was packed quickly, and I could have fit in even a few more quilts.

After a close to seven-hour-drive through what felt like six hours of construction sites on the German Autobahn and a heavy rainstorm during the last thirty kilometres 

I arrived on time to meet Dinah, Sylvie Leroux and Gul LaPorte for preparatory consultations about proceedings for hanging the next day.
My exhibition site, the Eglise St. Louis was already set up and waiting for my arrival.

I even had almost no difficulties finding my accomodation. Ste. Marie-aux-Mines is not exactly blessed with a multitude of hotels, and people have taken to opening their homes for guests during the Carrefour, and the Mineral Fair in June, the city’s other major event during the year. I had the honor of being put up in the Chateau that I had been admiring the last time I was here. 

It has a view across the entire valley.

Though to reach it, an adventurous mind in definitely helpful: two kilometres of unpaved single lane road uphill through the forest is the only way to access the beautiful large old house.

The long and winding road - twice I met a car coming towards me.
A situation for the brave...

I got to stay in the "Blue Room".

On Wednesday I was given the keys for the church 

and had a little time for myself to figure out where I would place which quilt.

Then a technician came to help me with the hanging, temporarily he was joined by a colleague even.

And then everything was ready and waiting for the doors to open. 

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