Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little escap(ad)e: Global Paper 2 in Deggendorf

Last Sunday the unfavourable weather forecast stalled our original plans for the family outing to the lake. Instead, we decided we were going to go see the exhibition Global Paper 2, which is currently on display in Deggendorf.  Until the end of this week only, so hurry up! Deggendorf is a town about 60 km to the east, at the foot of the Bavarian Forest, and they have a very interesting “Stadt- und Handwerkermuseum” (City museum and museum of artisanry) where I have seen interesting exhibitions before. This exhibition on paper art was definitely worth the trip.

Already the first sculpture that you see upon entry, “dance in black” by Heike Schaefer 
is fascinating in its construction. Narrowly cut carton paper, glued back together and painted over.

Paper had been knotted

"Chain reaction", Angelika Wolpert, detail

sewn together

"Traveling Cushion", Ulrike Lindner

"Traveling Cushion", detail

folded into the most extraordinary shapes

"Natural Cabinet", Elisabeth Oberrauch, detail

run over by a truck in a piece by Kathleen Loomis (not the quilter, but a namesake), cut up in various ways

"Tschirp", Sarah Schiffer -
do you recognize the two little birds at the bottom,
each filling the air with their song?

"Twenty Five", Alison Harper (one part of three) -
cut up paper coffee cups

rolled up in various ways 

"storehouse of joy", Valerie Buess

"Souvenir 4", Michèle Soutif
"Carrying away", Irmgard Potthoff
"Carrying away", detail

and many many others.
I had never really thought about how much can be made out of and done with paper.
Very inspiring! A beautifully-made catalogue can be purchased for just under 20 euros.

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