Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting ready...

Despite the fact that I did finish the last stitches on the last-to-be-finished quilt for Ste. Marie last week, there was still quite a bit to do this week.

The last piece of facing: Shapes 4...
I went and got the hanging rods that I had ordered at the local wood and hardware store.

My wonderfully supportive husband helped me drill the holes and correct some wrongly cut lengths - can't figure out whether I gave the guy at the store the wrong measurements or he misunderstood or what...
I received my freshly ordered roll of plastic bubble, no, bubble plastic, and have been rolling up quilts.

Play of Lines XXVII in the process of being rolled up for transport.

I did a little bit of relaxing with my family, by having an open fire on our terrace two nigths ago.

And I started my 'life after Ste. Marie' by seriously getting to work preparing for the class on patchwork patterns from parquet which I will be teaching on the last weekend of September.

All to avoid 'postnatal depression'...

On Sunday I will be a vendor with my hand-dyed fabrics at a local patchwork fair - yes, that too! - and on Tuesday I will head towards France. Did you know that the former president Sarkozy managed to get a law passed just before he was voted out of office that now requires every car to carry two (!) breath testers for alcohol (two in case on is not working, of course). I have heard his good friend owns a production site for breath testers. In any case, I will have to try and get some close to the border, because they don't sell the right ones here. (They have to have a specific sign that says they have been approved by the French government.)
After a relatively calm few days when I had finished I am now getting a bit nervous again...
Come and see me at the Eglise St. Louise!


  1. Freu mich schon auf deine Ausstellung!
    Und soviel ich weiß, bekommst du die Alcotests hier immer noch nicht - sind immer noch nicht lieferbar.....

  2. You will not need any breath testers for alcohol. They are very difficult to find here in France and we will need them only on the beginning of November.
    I will come and see you soon.

  3. Thanks for telling me, ColourFly and patchworkrama - I would have tried to find them closer to the border as they were nowhere to be got here... Now I will just drive leisurely. Looking forward to meeting you in Eglise Louise!