Monday, July 30, 2012

Zen in every-day life...

I’ve been following India Flint’s blog, „Not all those who wander are lost“ for a while now, and discovered a link to the entry „Simplicity Redefined“ on the blog ZenHabits not too long ago. 
I am not a strictly Zen person, though I do appreciate many of the things I know about it.
I had a first chance to apply the attitude formulated in this entry just about 10 days ago. I myself have repeatedly discovered that plans are made only to be altered. That's life. But this – "embrace what comes to you" – is really taking it a step further, I think.
Ten days ago my son developed a fever in the afternoon, and it was clear that he would not be able to go to school the next day. My husband was away for a seminar, and my son would have gone to his drum lesson after school and then to visit a friend – I would have had a perfectly free day for getting lots of work done. Now he was sick at home, but not sick enough to feel the need to stay in bed and rest. So we spent some time trying out my new device to roll up wool.

The rest of the day was spent playing games, reading, more games, more reading...
We had a good time, and although I did not get any work done that day (and felt the mounting pressure), I think it was a day very well spent.
These days now I am currently going through another phase of active application of that ZenHabit...
I’ve been waiting for the fabrics to start dyeing my July collection for the fabric club. Which should have arrived by the middle of the month, but had been delayed in delivery from the States, and then held up by customs. I have now heard from the agent that it was shipped to me this morning. I have prepared the colours –

but am still waiting... Intensively. 
Be a good travler, don't make plans, accept what comes at you...
At least I can now catch up on stuff I didn’t do when my son was sick.

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