Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daily Oak, continued

When I was weeding my flower beds the other day – which is not really my most favorite way to pass the time - I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

To be honest – only then did I remember that I had collected a few of Daily Oak’s acorns last fall and dug them in somewhere in our garden. You can even see the split acorn from which it has emerged:

I probably would not have been able to tell you where I spread out those acorns even only one day after I planted them... But here is one of Daily Oak’s babies. Haven’t found another one yet, though. And most likely it will be several years before this one is taller than the currant bushes between which it is standing now.  By then we will probably have moved to another place anyway, so I will never see it grow to anything near full size. But I was pleased. I planted a tree, did something to save the planet.

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