Thursday, July 12, 2012

First step towards welding

More than a year ago I have posted about the fascination of welding and that I wanted to take a class in welding.
In the end of October my husband and my son will be away for a drum-building workshop. My first thoughts that I could look for an interesting quilting workshop on that weekend were soon replaced by thoughts about that urge to learn about welding. I set down to research, and soon found a firm in Munich
that offers welding classed on a pretty regular basis. Their schedule ended in July, however. So I called them, asked about their offers for October and would it be possible to set a date on that last weekend in October, and indeed they did. So I have signed up for that welding class.
The day after that I came across a wonderful dumpster which would have given me plenty of material, had I only had plyers with me to extract some of the beautiful stuff in there. 

Especially that band of rusty nails really struck my heart. Taught me a lesson – never leave home without plyers!

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