Monday, April 6, 2020

Purple Rain.

Or Acid Rain. A good downpour of it, that is what I am wishing for these days. And then a good four weeks of quiet, steady spring rain. The first two to keep people inside. And the drizzle for the soil, the garden. Everything is so dry, it is unbelievable. And people are out and about, it is unbelievable. The past couple of weeks were still pretty cool and uninviting, but now the temperatures are rising and the weather forecast is predicting temperatures up to the 20s (centigrade), so it will be much more likely that people won’t stay put. And I keep hearing stories 'my sister went to see her boyfriend, and he had been to his grandpa's and two days later he had symptoms and is in hospital now, what should I do?' And I wonder...But I am also getting so sick and tired of this topic that I don’t want to go into it.
I know I am privileged – I can go to work, and I have a garden where I can look forward to rhubarb

promise of rhubarb pie - if I can get flour...

and a terrace where we can sit outside in this spring weather. And we live out in the country. I can go walking without meeting anybody. And I do, because I need to do something to stay sane.

I played with my new toy some more, carding a piece of ‘Hikers’ Wool’ which I had brought back from New Zealand in 2015, and which I had been meaning to spin since. However, it was not enough to knit a pair of socks, and I kept thinking I would order some more, but now I have simply mixed it with a bit of silk and other merino fiber and will eventually make me some bed socks. Yes, I am getting to be an old woman, but I have been going to sleep with handmade socks for many many years now and this pair will be a special pair indeed.

Some yellow fibers as well. 

If it were for the amount of spinning material, I could stay in lockdown until Christmas. That is not the problem.

I am taking a small lull in the yellow scraps project, but it has progressed a little bit. 

Although this picture doesn't really show the progress...

I had other ideas as well, have tested various aspects of them and can’t make up my mind. 

I try to do some cleaning up of my studio and have retrieved a linen blouse from one box which I used to wear a lot and can’t remember why it ended up in that box, because except for a little spot or two it is in a wonderful state. So I have given it a second introduction into my wardrobe. 

I have a small attention span only these days. I am busy. I am not really getting anything done on a creative level.
But I made yeast – another toilet-paper kind of commodity all of a sudden

(I mean, is everybody suddenly starting to
bake with yeast dough?)

– and my usual Quark ( a kind of curd cheese), 

I baked a loaf of bread (which did not find my son’s approval and I made bird feed. Which at least finds the birds' approval.
After this stage the stuff was rolled into little balls, and they do like them!
So yes, I do get things done. But not those that need to done…

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