Wednesday, April 1, 2020

fake news

Yesterday I wrote that the virologist had stopped his podcast. Probably I was just too much annoyed about sewing masks to check this information which came from my husband (who is usually a pretty good source for news). But in the evening I saw and listened to another episode, and no metioning of the end. He did talk about how it felt for him to be the target of violent digital attacks, though, as, e.g. accusations regarding the suicide. So my exasperation at the state of our society and mode of - especiall digital - interaction remains the same. So I apologize for the fake news. The podcast is in German and can be found on ARD audiothek, corona information, in case you are interested.
My mood has slightly improved, too, as I will be able to to work in 50 minutes. What a luxury! To be allowed to leave the house because one is 'important'. I wonder, though, what our district government is thinking when they are calling for volunteers to start helping with nursing. A one-day-training is their preparation. At my stage of training I am not yet allowed to go near a respiratory protective devices and then this? It just seems that there is only little brain involved in the preparation for the crisis that's still suppoedly to come.
So I knit 
and I had an idea with circles and fine lines that I started

and my son and I have put together a few more Lego pieces to offer on eBay

and I try to declutter my sewing room which seems an endless task because every time I sort through something or put it on the 'to go' pile the chaos just increases. Well, it will be dark when I return tonight, perhaps that will be helpful...

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