Thursday, January 2, 2020

Should I ....?

A few weeks ago the instagram grapevine gave me the news that quilts of Gee’s Bend will be shown at the Turner Contemporary in Margate. A huge temptation! I love the books, 

and have found especially the first one very inspirational. And I did not get to see the quilts when they were being shown at Ste. Marie-aux-Mines a few years ago, it was one of the very few times recently that I did not get to go.
And I remembered my little thing with the Anni Albers exhibition – to which I had wanted to go, even considering a ecologically sinfull one-day-trip by plane. Until I found out that that same exhibition had been shown in Düsseldorf. And I had never even heard about it. So I punished myself for not being aware of it by not allowing myselft to go. (I do have the catalogue – but I still regret not having seen it.) So this time – look at the calendar. Try to figure out… It would have been possible, take the train (not even the plane thing to prohibit a trip) through Paris, change onto the EuroStar, get off in Kent and then head over to the Thames. Chrisse would have joined me, even. It would have been possible to do. And it was a very strong temptation.
But it would have been expensive, as the train is not one that offers really cheap fares for this special trip. It would have been a hassle, because during the time when the exhibition is on I don’t have any official vacation. I don’t know the hospital I will be working at during those weeks yet, and while I have meanwhile figured out how to manage a day or two off according to my personal plans with the hospital I have been working at up to now, I can’t say how it will be there. I would have needed three days at least for the trip, and then it would have been a strenuous entertainment, no extra time to explore the area. Perhaps it would have been possible to arrange it, on the last weekend of the duration of the show, however, some uncertainties remain, and it would mean I would have been gone for my son’s birthday and for mine.
In the end I decided I won’t go. I will stick with the books. And perhaps go to Margate at some other time, with a bit more leisure to explore. It just most probably won’t be a quilt exhibition I will go to see.

Happy New Year to all my readers, thanks for following and for coming back to read. I hope I will be able to post more regularly this year than I have been doing during the last year.

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