Saturday, October 29, 2016

Am I being creative or what?

It's been a very busy week, and I did not get time to post anything here. Now my husband and son are gone for the weekend for what was supposed to be a workshop where they would have built yet another large drum (of which we already have two, that hardly ever get played, add to that my son's drum set, xyolophone... we have a battery of percussive instruments in the house). However, the workshop teacher messed up their announced intention of building the drum, now they are building something rather different and which is certainly not anything we were planning on - but the good side of it all is that I have a weekend to myself.
It started off with a delicious Syrian meal. The one  token Syrian refugee whom I have been teaching German to for one and a half years has recently added a friend of his to our class meetings, who is just as much a token language learner as he himself. Suddenly I am being asked about and get to explain complex sentence structures that resemble diagrams which my former students at university level had difficulties understanding and would never have asked about on their own accord and that definitely many Germans would never think about! So we have been having interesting meetings, and the two of them decided they would cook for me.

Briefly I had thought about joining the SAQA regional UK-meeting which is taking place near Manchester today, but instead I decided I would not spend the money on the flights for just a short weekend, so the result is I actually have time to get work done. Somewhat surprisingly, I have actually been getting work done since I took up the teaching job, but at present it is nitty bitty going, catching up with preparations for International Thread's upcoming exhibition and not yet really something worth showing. But it seems that whenever time is less easily available time management is just so much more effective...

However - I am not a tidy person. Proof to be seen here:

 And no, I am not procrastinating by tidying up, but sometimes I wish I were more of a tidy person because then the creative searching might take less time.
In any case, I am working on a wholecloth longarm project for an article which I have been asked to write for the German magazine Patchwork Professional. The article is on how to effectively use my snow-dyed fabrics, I have finished the first piece, which is on how wonderful snow-dyed fabrics add to traditional patterns, and the second piece now is about a modern interpretation. I admit, this one I have been putting off a bit, but yesterday I finally got myself a photo printed at the drugstore and started on a bit of planning.

And now it's time to put it on the longarm and get started...

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