Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little escap(ad)e: Ilana Gloor Museum, Jaffa

Basically all of my trip to Israel was a slightly bigger "escap(ad)e", with a few museums dropped into the whole. But one amongst the many interesting places that I got to see was the "Ilana Gloor Museum" in Jaffa (official website of the museum is here).
This picture of the outside building appears on the official museum's website:

(Interesting that the museum has an entry in wikipedia, but not the artist/founder herself... but probably that's a different story.)
I admit I had never heard of her as an artist, but the museum is an interesting place. Gorgeous house - supposedly the building is still her residence, but whether she really lives there is not clear - filled with art, by her and many other artists in a rather eclectic collection and arrangement.

Several pianos in the house -

but obviously not all are meant to be played on anymore.

"Le Piano Alphonse Blondel", Artwork by Myriam Bat-Yosef 

The views from various spots in and around the house are magnificent.

the kitchen

one of the roof terraces

overlooking the old harbor of Jaffa

Artwork is displayed all over the three stories and roof terraces.

"The Fountain" by Vered Aharonovich

Barrel-Bird, by Ilana Gloor

unfortunately I forgot to take  note of the title of this chandelier, again by Ilana Gloor

hallway leading out onto the roof terrace, full of works of art

And everywhere there are interesting things to see.

I loved the view out onto the sea.

Great location, wonderful scenario - well worth a visit, away from the trodden paths of art museums! (And wouldn't I like to live in a house like that - but to be honest, I would not let anybody walk through my rooms, but keep them to myself...)

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