Friday, July 29, 2016

In. And Out.

The past few weeks have been far too busy, and art had to step into the background. I don’t like that, really, but on the other hand I did like having the opportunity to do a bit of (paid) substitute teaching of German as a Foreign Language to refugees. It kept me pretty busy, and gave my son an insight into how it would be if Mom were working outside the house, ‘down’ in the city. Because that means commuting, early trains, and coming back only after he comes back from school. He didn’t really say anything about it, but I think he understood how privileged he has been so far. Last week, though, I found out that I will be getting the 10-hours-a-week teaching job I had applied for here in our town. So much more convenient! The one I was substituting for I also could have continued next school year if I had wanted to, but this local one is definitely my preference - fewer hours, a commute by bike of max 5 minutes, it seems that the school is much better organized, and I will be part of a very nice team of teachers.
I have started dyeing the July collection of the fabric club – but because more things are coming up, it will be shipped a few days late this time.
And while Germany has experienced a series of attacks and massacre shootings last week that is highly disconcerting – especially as the media are blaming it all on Angela Merkel, a line of argument that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense - a good piece of news last week was that several of the refugees I have been dealing with over the last year have managed to pass exams that will get them school diplomas. That’s crucial when trying to get jobs in Germany, and the lack of report cards from their home countries is one of the major difficulties many refugees are facing. They’re almost ‘in’ now in that they can start further educational programs, or an apprenticeship. And I am really happy for them, and a little bit proud that I could help them along this path.

I got into Wide Horizons V for Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, shipped that quilt, got rejected from Masters Quilt at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, but entered it in the Contemporary Section and shipped it a while ago, got rejected from the competition in Alsace, had one quilt accepted for “Stuff for Thought” in Nuremberg, which needs to be sent soon, sent in applications to the Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival and am planning to send in to Quilt=Arts=Quilts. Luckily I had made enought quilts to have several to choose from. And haven't yet completely lost orientation regarding which quilt was meant to be entered where...

But I am behind on my Journal Quilts ... need to get going on that, when my son is away at Basketball camp next week. Because I don't want to have to drop out on that one!


  1. This is so moving. When events seem overwhelming, this is such an achievement, you should be proud to have made a contribution.

    1. Indeed - I am so happy for these peoople, and having been able to help them a little along the way does give me the feeling that it was worth it. I can't change the political situation (although I really would like to do just that), but at least I can give these people the feeling that somebody here was willing to treat them decently and as human beings, trying to open doors rather than trying to keep them out of our affluent society.
      But then, these are willing to learn about and accept our ways a bit. I have become much more disillusioned about many others who don't ...