Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Magic of Color

This evening I received the sad news that Maggi Birchenough, my former co-rep with SAQA for the region Europe/Middle East passed away this morning. It was expected, because she resigned from her post because of severe illness, but she was hoping to live to Festival of Quilts in August, and I am very sad that she did not make it. Just a few too many friends have died of cancer this past year, I must say – or are still fighting it. Not a good note to end the day on...

I recently finished my second Journal Quilt, but still have to upload it to the group website. And I am working on the third.

Piece of Purple 2 (Journal Quilts 2016)

I managed to sign up two quilts for Wide Horizons, way before the end of tomorrow’s deadline, too. Not those I had originally meant to be signed up for this one, because of size restrictions... is this an ever-recurring topic with me? Getting kind of tired of that, really!

And I took the plunge and started a quilt which should fit the challenge of the Ste. Marie-aux-Mines for this year. When I first read the title ‘Magic of Colour’ I was a bit put off, because it is such a wide and non-committal title. But on the other hand, now that I am using it to get back into serious creative mood, the openness is welcome. Basically no restrictions apply, except for the size. So right now I am piecing orange scraps.

To be honest - when I first conceived of the idea for this quilt, I thought I had more of them, but it seems I must have cleared them out pretty thoroughly when I was making a blue and orange blanket for my son. There are still enough of them there to get this one finished, I am sure. But then I will actually be without orange scraps. Now that's a good thought to end the day on, after all.

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