Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter magic

Last week I almost fell for a trap which must have been secretly set by some stranger when I was reading Margaret Cooter's relatively recent post on threadends. I even commented on it - and a couple of days later I found myself looking at the cut-offs from where I cut back the seam allowances of the Jacob's ladder as they were accumulating - and  suddenly I was taking some back out from the waste basket because I thought I might turn those into the sew-on-sew-off squares for the sewing machine. And then I stalled myself and spoke to me very seriously: Uta, what are you doing? So I am wondering whether my scrappy hibernation is perhaps turning into a bit of a post-partem depression after my decision about pulling further back from the volunteers network for the refugees? This was topped by an unpleasant visit at the Syrians' house on Saturday afternoon, and has left me with a feeling of being slightly displaced and at loose ends. But in the end it will make the withdrawal easier, I think. And it's getting to the point where days are getting to be noticeably longer. It's cold and wintery, I could take some pictures of winter magic

and I am really looking forward to getting more of my own life back for myself and family.
This morning I mixed the dye for the anniverary color that will accompany this month's fabric selection, and the remainder of the week will be dedicated to dyeing.


  1. I have been thinking about you, what with everything in the news. I hope that even if things seem to go sour, that you can look back and see how you grew through this time. And perhaps they will eventually appreciate you more - like it is with children as they finally grow up. (I will tell you when this happens here! with a soon to be 27 year old who may possible be showing signs of getting there! LOL)
    It will be fun to see what the anniversary colour is. Enjoy the dyeing sessions.

  2. You have invested a lot of time and effort into the refugee programme so it's not surprising that you are feeling displaced. We're definitely noticing the days lengthening here at the moment and that always helps.

  3. Taking fabric back out of the bin is not allowed!!! Really, you won't miss it; the important part has been done. (That's what I keep telling myself!)

    The same applies to choices in life - keep moving forward.

    The Jacob's Ladder is looking good, too.

    1. Aha, I did not know that that's not allowed! Kathy takes (other people's) pieces out of the bin when she's teaching - that's different, I assume, because the energetic connection has been broken between original owner and scrap, and Kathy is reintroducing it to life, right? Just so I get this straight! But I did put it back in the bin, and am happy I did ;-))
      And live is moving on.