Saturday, January 30, 2016

So where did that week go?

It's been a week since I claimed that I had sooooooooooo much time on my hands, suddenly. And I have absolutely no idea where the week - or the time? - has gone.
This morning I caught these magic moments when going to market:

I've been dyeing, ironing, cutting the newest fabric club selection (to be issued tomorrow), I have bee figuring out the details of one of the knitting patterns I want to include into the knit-along, and it has been gving me a hard time. Not a good omen, really - but I have an explanation. I took a picture of the pattern from an old-time Bavarian swatch, and had to find out the exact description for myself from a printout of the picture. This is the picture - as I was trying to use it.

However - somehow the decrease-increase wasn't working. Until I finally had the brilliant idea that I must have turned it upside down. Lo and behold, now it worked. I have sent the description to my dear friend Maike who has offered to be my testknitter, and we are both of us now starting on a text-version of the whole thing. In the context of all this I have learned that I do not like writing knitting patterns, nor trying to upload them on ravelry, so that is not going to be a new serious branch of industry for me. I'll go back to quilting!
I have put one of my quilts for International Threads on the Longarm - and it is sitting there, waiting for me to start on it...

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  1. Where does the time go when you're not busy? It really does seem to just disappear. But when you have to keep in mind what you have to do next, and when it needs doing, that slows down time. A busy week can feel very long, even if it's full of nice things like seeing friends. Moving from one activity to another stretches the time out ... so much to think about! I marvel at people who can actually live in the moment.