Monday, October 19, 2015

Ten more days...

After a very hot and long summer we are now experiencing an unusually cold and grey October. I hate it, when the light is so diffused that you can’t even really tell whether it’s a glorious instance of turn of foliage or not. 

It never gets really light during the day, either. Definitely a situation to get depressed!
But I have only ten days to go before I step on a plane and head far southeast. I am so ready to leave, I can’t even express the feelings adequately. My husband claims the two of them will get along fine, my son will go to school, basketball practice and music lessons, while I will evade that most dreadful month of German winters you can possibly imagine, November. Although right now it does feel as they moved it up by a month to make sure I get a large enough dose of that feeling of being trapped under a grey and yucky blanket above. Now the countdown is on, and just a few days ago I have even started thinking about what I am going to do on the trip!
Before I leave I have a few more things to do, but already I feel as if I am successfully wrapping up and getting into the mood.
Yesterday I finished stitching of the quilt I wanted to make for SAQA’ “My corner of the World” call-for-entry. 

Backside view of one of the words included.
I had to revert to my small, old Bernina, because the 820 once again is giving me a hard time, and when I have to work on the small one, stitching the text items with the frame is difficult, you have to make sure that the area where you want to stitch is close to the side of the frame, as the entire frame won't fit under the machine:

Now all I need to do for this one is to finish the binding, take it to the photographer and make sure I take a photo file with me to finish the entry from the other side of the world.
I also finished a longarm-order for a customer and mounted another one which will definitely still get finished before I leave.

And I am preparing the November-collection of the fabric club, which I will dye, cut and pack to have it ready to ship when I return. So I am still pretty busy, but it feels very easy going right now.

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  1. It will be good to leave dark november. I hate the leaves falling down and I understand your feelings completely. Safe journey!!