Sunday, October 25, 2015

Preparations and ...

As I am preparing for my departuer on Wednesday evening I keep encountering more and more things that need to be done and finished and taken care of before I leave that I am beginning to wonder whether I will actually make it to the plane on time!
This night's change of the clock from daylight saving time to standard European time did not help. I never like the switch, no matter in which direction. I love daylight saving time in the summer, and if it were for me we could just stick with that. It doesn't really matter in the winter as it is dark and awful anyway, so give every country their light evenings in the summer as much as possible...
Why do we have to switch back and forth all the time, twice a year upsetting everybody's inner clock? As much as I am a supporter of the idea of Europe and a Europen Union, I don't see why such a vast area has to tick to the same time code. They have five different time zones in the US and it works, which is one country alone, why can't more than 28 countries have three or four different time zones?!? And not to mention Russia - they have even more!
Today I woke up early even by old summer daylight saving time's standards and went down to the kitchen to bake for my son's basket ball game. But I did not need that extra hour for that, I would have been finished in time even without that.
Yesterday - as I still haven't actually entered my migration quilt for the SAQA show although I have been meaning to do so - I had the idea I could also enter that quilt I made for the 'my place', because it fits the topic of migration just as well. So I kept debating with myself - should I, or should I not? Will it reduce the chances of the first quilt, what if the 'my place' quilts gets chosen instead of the one I really want in there...? An hour ago I decided I will enter them separately as I had intended, final.
But as the hours are ticking away, there is still so much to do.
How do other people ever manage to go on holiday? I think I am really doing tooooo many different things. I need to cut down. And being away will be a good period of withdrawal! I will not be available under my normal phone number, my husband has ordered me to be offline for WhatsApp, a friend of mine is doing the e-mail account for the refugee volunteers. And I have already said good-bye to them yesterday.
But I am looking forward to tonight - my son and I will be playing a wonderful board game with friends of ours, Tac, which we got to know during a family summer holiday two or three years ago and which we don't play frequently enough.
And then there's the wash and I should do some cleaning and....

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