Friday, September 18, 2015

Surprise Arrival. And a Non-Arrival.

Last week I received a surprise package in the mail. My quilting friend Kathy Loomis had told her publisher to send me a complimentary copy of her newly released book, which had been in the making for a while and finally is out now. Kathy had been writing about the process of making the book  here.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to look at it in any kind of detail before I left for France, but even just leafing through it created a lot of interest. I will take a closer look at it when I get home and hope to be able to tell you all more about it then.

Unfortunately, during that same week I also had the news that another parcel, which I had sent in July, had not arrived at its destination. My quilt “reflections on ‘reflection’”, which was juried into the challenge of the European Patchwork Meeting did not find its way to the organizers. Which is rather annoying. And upsetting. I have been approached repeatedly now why it is not there with the other quilts although it is shown in the catalogue, and of course it did not get considered for any of the awards – and the in-limbo situation continues. The carrier claims it got delivered, they even produce a date of delivery, yet the organizers say it never arrived.

reflections on 'reflection' (text messages 7)

With the turnover in the management of the Ste. Marie-aux-Mines event lots of things are changing, and it will be very interesting to see how things develop here. Right now my personal relationship with the festival is a bit strained, of course. I am concentrating on doing my duties as a SAQA rep responsible for the SAQA exhibition “Redirecting the Ordinary”, which is a fantastic exhibition. But it’s hard to be a positive and friendly steward to other people’s quilts when one’s own is not on display where it should have been! Perhaps I will just go back to making quilts riffed on the Rail Fence and Log Cabin Patterns and stop entering challenges and competitions altogether? We'll see.


  1. No!! Do not stop. You make beautiful quilts. But I can understand your feelings. Great to have the book!!!!

  2. I had a similar situation many years ago when I sent a quilt to a show and a couple of days before the opening got a call from the organizers -- where is your quilt? I resigned myself to losing the quilt, which was a really fabulous, big, important one, and several months later got a call from the hotel where the show had been. They had "found" my quilt in the bellboys' closet. The story had some holes in it and I suspect I wasn't being told the whole truth about where it had been and who "lost" it, but I was thrilled to give them my credit card # and get the quilt back. I hope the same will happen to you.

    and I hope you like the book!!

  3. Oh I am sorry your quilt went missing. It is so worrying because of the time and effort and care. I hope they find it and I hope they make it up to you as well!