Thursday, September 10, 2015

Little escap(ad)e: Global Paper 3 in Deggendorf

It seems like it was ages ago that I last went into an art exhibit and wrote about that in this little series... But my husband and I were orphaned parents for ten days a couple of weeks ago, and we actually took the chance and went to see the Global Paper 3 exhibit in Deggendorf. It’s last instalment was very impressive, and I wrote about it here.

The Stadt-and Handwerksmuseum in Deggendorf is a two-house-combination which has shown interesting exhibitions in regular intervals, including several issues of the German Patchwork Guild’s regular exhibition “Tradition bis Moderne”.

When we entered the museum, the guard told us specifically that we were allowed to take pictures, but not to post them on the internet. So at first I thought I would be a good girl and stick to that rule – but when I returned home and checked on a couple of the artist’s names and websites, I found that their objects were all displayed on their sites. That’s when I waved all good intentions good-bye.

So here are a few impressions from this issue of the show:

Kegelhalsgefäß #4 von Roswitha Berger-Gentsch

An array of 'tablets' made from cardboards:
De mirabilibus mundi (The wonders of the world), by
Irina Spelleken

With this one, the cast of the shadows of course adds tremendously to the impact of the work:

"100% vegan", Irene Rammensee

Here is a view into the exhibition room in the Handwerksmuseum:

This arrangement of paper cuts tricks you at first, until you bother to take a closer look :

"...wenn ich den Himmel nicht erreichen kann..." (If I can't reach the sky),
Madeleine Schollerer


"Rote Liste" (Red List of current medication), Helene Tschacher

Kariert 1 + 2, Harald Metzler
It's amazing what you can do with paper! I immediately wanted to take up that medium - if I had more time. Looking at these pieces will have to do, though - great show, well worth the trip!

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  1. Fascinating photos. There was a similar exhibition over here in the UK a few years ago and it certainly was inspiring.