Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's Up

Yesterday I finished stitching the top which I am preparing for the challenge in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines. Then I dissolved the stabiliser on which I had done the stitching.

Here is a mini-detail as it appeared on the line:

By now it has been through the wash once more, and I can start on the quilting. Which will still be done on the Bernina, not yet on the longarm. I will begin with that after I return from Karlsruhe. (The longarm machine is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.) In preparation for the Nadelwelt Karlsruhe, where I am going tomorrow, I spent some time during the last days overdyeing (too) light fabrics which seemed to have colors that did not really sell, and dyeing a few more meters extra. And I was surprised at the impressive stack of additional colours I ended up with.

Then I dreaded having to load the car, which is always a lengthy procedure of carrying the boxes, then the wooden stacks etc, and by the end I am very tired, sweaty and completely crabby. Then I had the brilliant idea of making use of my brand new app, sent a message to the Syrians, and at half past three three strong young men appeared on my doorstep. Whithin less than a quarter of an hour everything had been whizzed down the stairs, the car packed except for the last tidbits, and I did not have to carry one single box. And they will help me unload on Monday after my return, too. Too bad I can't take them with me to Karlsruhe (no room in the car!) - so there I will have to do all the schlepping alone. But no stairs to cover there.

If you are a member of the German Patchworkgilde and can present a membership card at the stall, you will receive a 5% discount on your purchases. Find me at C 3.5!


  1. Oh well done! and providing a way for the Syrians to show important for them to feel useful when so much else makes them feel less than useful.

    When you said top, at first I wondered what garment contest was at Ste. Marie-aux-Mines!
    Hope your new fabrics are very popular.

  2. well done for involving your young men. people want a chance to help back in genuine ways. happy 50th for recently, i was 50 2 months earlier,a far easier experience than turning 40.