Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's a ... longarm!

Last August at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham I spent a couple of hours testing a longarm machine.

First negotiations with Nate Arnesen from Handiquilter there were continued in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, then transferred to the German section. In Germany we have a saying "Gut Ding will Weile haben" - good things take their time. So after just slightly over nine months later - here is the latest development in our household. The space:

The arrival:

The boxes:

Which were then carried dupstairs by one of the Syrians.
First stages of unpacking:

First assembly steps completed:

More and more empty boxes:

The supporting quilter husband at work, so happy that he got to use the little electric screw driver he had bought a couple of years ago:

And this is the current stage - the table is complete.

It's a tight fit... we will have a harder time getting to our books! And tomorrow we will put up the machine.


  1. hiya Uta. i've been phantom-stalking your blog for six months, i think this is my first comment here. why the egg trays? i've seen them used for sound insulation? do you have a drummer next door? surely this new machine will be relatively quiet?

    1. Kathy - the egg trays are on the walls because my son's drum set was first set up in this room when he started playing. He has since decided that he wanted to play where the pianos are, and our 'living room' has turned into a music room. We just never bothered to take down the egg trays, so you are right, they are not meant to sound insulate the machine noise