Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Little escap(ad)e: "Off To Munich!" in Stadtmuseum Munich

This past Saturday I finally managed to go and see an exhibition in the City Museum in Munich which will be on for another two weeks (until February 7) and which I had been meaning to go and see since I first read about it when in opened.
Munich was the first city in Germany where women could go to a (private) Academy of Art in the early 20th century - and they came in large numbers. Some of them became famous, such as Gabriele Münter and Käthe Kollwitz, but there were many many many more than only these famous ones. And the exhibition gives a good overview over their names, shows their works, and provides information on their lives after their studies in Munich.

The long list of names of women who came is impressive. And depressing, because only so very few of them 'made it', and are still known... Yet their work is wonderful!
Very inspiring exhibition, nevertheless, with a rich and well-researched catalogue!

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