Thursday, October 16, 2014

High Noon

1 - slab figures 

2 - found art

3 - last day out on the lake
4 - planning for spring

5 - through the windshield, waiting at a construction site traffic light

6 - late bloomers, just about to open up

7 - los palabres del día

8 - making apple strudel
9 - late bloomers, feeding the bees
(which is the reason why I let them be in the garden)

10 - take a guess: which one did I buy for my son?

11 - Andreas, supporting quilter husband, and Gabi-Julia Weimer,
while hanging the exhibition in Alfeld

12 - official opening

13 - back in Bavaria

14 - el eléfanto de mi profesora en espanol (I am fully aware that the n 
needs the little twiggle on it, but I don't know how to get it 
on my German computer keyboard...)

15 - in a little Italian style eatery


  1. Try one more time. Blogger or Google keeps eating my comment.

    The strudel sounds good!
    Did you buy the frog prince?

    I often copy a word from somewhere that already has the accent for the letter, then paste into the Blog post.
    PS Do you think if I copy this post before pressing publish that it will give up eating the comment?

    1. Sorry about the problems with commenting - to be honest, I have no idea why that happens. Usually your comments seem to come through...
      No, not the frog prince - the soccer player!